Listen: Kinokuniya Band – “Goodbye Again” [1979]

Warm Visions back at it again sharing more city pop & jazz funk. Even though I just put out another playlist compiling 50 more great songs from 1970s & 80s Japan, I’m still on the hunt for more. I was introduced to this album after seeing great NYC-based record store Face Records share they had a copy of this in-store on their instagram account. The colorful, cartoony cover instantly drew me in. If I’ve learned anything from this era, it’s that you should absolutely judge by covers, because they’re usually all great. The song I’ve shared here is a luscious slow burn, powered by the dramatic vocals of the lead singer, some ripping guitar solos, subtle woodblock percussion and a general anticipatory air surrounding the track.

I can’t find much about this group except for this one-off album, Street Sensation, released in 1979 via Polydor. I do know that Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore chain that has also made its way over to the states, so my first thought is this might be a collaboration of players that would play in a cafe of a Kinokuniya store? Like a fabulous open-mic night? Some of the songs on record are definitely from a live setting, as applause can be heard at the end of some songs + the singer thanking the crowd. There’s also a cover of Taeko Ohnuki’s “4AM”. Either way, it’s a lovely addition into the canon of jazz funk from the time & place, and should definitely be picking up more attention than it currently is from city pop fans (just based on the royal quantifier of this – youtube views).

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