Listen: India Jordan – “I’m Waiting (Just 4 U)” [2020]

I posted about India Jordan’s great single “For You” back in my GR8 TRACKS of APRIL 2020 list (find that in my Recommended Albums of April 2020 post!), and they recently just released an EP of the same name via Local Action. Stretching across multiple spectrums of dance music, from drum & bass, to heady techno, to vocal house, to deep house approaching trance-states, For You is a masterful flex of fun with tunes MADE to be played loud in clubs and on dance floors. It’s almost a tease that it’s come out now, when those settings are boarded up. Jordan also comes from the north of England, so from what little I know about the country, I know they’re blazing a trail + being an inspiration for other queer, gender-nonconforming youth that are also up there. Inspirational!

I wanted to feature the opening track only because it has fit itself into my recent rotation of soul-chopped vocal house that I’ve been exercising to lately. I’m not one to go to clubs per se, but this really does make me want to jump out and get down with my partner in a crowded room. Just FEELING it. And that’s what this EP does best – it helps you FEEL it. It meaning yourself, the environment, the music. It’s sick. I would have happily shared any other track on the project here, but this one has just been speaking to me recently. Expect to see For You in my Recommended Albums of May feature coming in the next few weeks.

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