Listen: Max Cilla – “Crépuscule Tropical” [1981]

Some days, sometimes I just find things in my iTunes library I don’t remember downloading and decide to put it on. This is only when I’ve exhausted all the new music that interests me, plus the old favorites are hitting like they used to. Sometimes I turn the unknown additions off shortly after starting them, or they become new obsessions. In the case of Max Cilla’s 1981 record La flûte des mornes: Volume 1, it’s on the side of obsession.

Composed and recorded in Paris by Martinique’s Max Cilla, the record is full of bamboo flute ultra-jams, inspired by Cuban and Latin jazz & native rhythms. If you’re looking for any flute-heavy latin funk jams, this should be in your library. The track in question, “Crépuscule Tropical”, starts off simple enough with a fluttering flute solo. Then, around the 1:45 mark, the song really kicks in, with great percussion and a punchy piano line. I imagine some record store owner playing this record in his shop to their unsuspecting customers, then once that moment hits, everyone brings out their phone to try and figure out what this song + record are. It’s a magical moment that caught me off guard. It’s a fabulous groove that I wanted to share with everyone immediately. Dude is still out here playing the flute on projects, too. Hell yes. The vinyl was recently reissued by Bongo Joe, so if it interests you, go out and grab it now before it’s too late!

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