Listen: Bruno Pernadas – “Spaceway 70” [2016]

On this blog I have gone on record to say that 2016 was my least favorite year, musically and in general, of the last decade. 2019 really gave it a run for its money, but man – 2016 was a doozy across the board.

However, the beauty of the internet and general music nerd sniffing is that sometimes I find little buried gems from maligned years that I missed. Other times, things have been beaten over my head in recommendations. The Bruno Pernadas record Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them is an example of the latter. I had a few folks REALLY pushing me on this one and I’m very grateful for that.

Bruno Pernadas is a Brazilian composer and musician making some HOT funk tunes. I haven’t checked out his previous works, but Those Who Throw has been on pretty constant rotation throughout this year. It takes tones from all over the funk spectrum, obviously dipping into classic Brazilian sounds and rhythms, but also some Turkish, Persian and more. It really feels like a multi-colored tiki bar while listening. It’s wonderful!

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