Listen: Ann Steel – “My Time” [1979]

I’m continuing to plow through my backlog of releases I’ve collected in my library and boy howdy I’ve struck another gem. Ann Steel is the project of Ann Steel and Italian composer Robert Cacciapaglia, an early electronic pop project that completely blew my brains after multiple listens last night. It’s incredibly “brainy”, with Ann Steel singing clean and pristine lyrics about science, technology and hanging out with geniuses in lavish landmarks. All this happening with quaint, chunky electronics bent and structured to sound like pop music. My first thought was obviously Kraftwerk and all of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s production on fellow Japanese pop stars in the early 80s.

I chose “My Time” to feature because it is just SO catchy and has an amazing chorus melody. Again, it reminds me of Miharu Koshi’s Parallelisme 1984 album, which was produced by YMO’s Haruomi Hosono. There’s also a video of her performing the song on some kind of old Italian soul train (why don’t we have shows like this anymore, quarantine aside?). It’s got a great groove, and Steel really sings like an android (and dresses in a uniform like some kind of engineer). It’s so sick. I love this so much.

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