Listen: Godcaster – “All The Feral Girls In The Universe” [2020]

Add another reason to hate COVID for its blocking of live shows – now knowing about the existence of Philly/NYC band Godcaster and the fact that we won’t get to see them live until who knows when. I literally JUST listened to this song “All The Feral Girls In The Universe” and knew I had to 1. post them here and 2. check them out more. Their new album Long Haired Locusts is coming September 4 via Ramp Local.

While listening to this song and watching the video, my brain almost couldn’t comprehend the chaos happening. I haven’t experienced that with a modern group in a long time. It’s funky, complex and totally wild rock music, with flute no less. I’ve been listening to a lot of old jazz fusion from Japan and I’m seeing some parallels with that and this in terms of melodic arrangement and just packing VOLUME and SOUNDS into every available crevice. Gotta respect them for that! I gotta imagine they have a wild live show, so put them on your list once things mellow out.

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