Listen: Melorman – “8 a.m” [2020]

Get to know Greek electronic producer Melorman, aka Antonis Chaniotakis, who’s been in the electronic music game for over 20 years putting out records on various labels. His newest, For The Sun, came out June 8 via Same Difference Music, is a bubbling collection of six tracks that feels tailor made to experience while basking in the sun, or perhaps even the warm glow of street lights. For any fans of mellow instrumental electronica to help you relax or to reset a mood, please add this to your playlists now.

I don’t know if it’s the cover, or the fact that parts of it reminds me of 2814’s Birth of a New Day, but this album inherently makes me think of an urban scenario while listening – riding a train at night out of the city, riding a bike down a sun-lit avenue, or just shimmying through a cluster of people on a crowded sidewalk. The music is incredibly cinematic like that. The synths are refreshing, the melodies are buoyant, uplifting and gently propulsive. Washes of synthetic harmony ebb and flow through the steady beat while calculated melodies tell the story. It’s music like this that makes me want to hop back on the subway and drift away into my imagination. Until then, I’m gonna keep it locked and loaded on a playlist for that moment.

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