Listen: Kalbells – “Purplepink” [2021]

NY’s Kalbells made one of my favorite EPs of 2020, Mothertime, and are already on their way to put out a new LP, Max Heart, coming March 26th via NNA Tapes. I’ve had the chance to check it out and it feels like something from a post-pandemic reality. It’s an exciting, joyful and rippling alternate timeline, or perhaps one that’s coming a bit down the line. One of my favorite things about Mothertime was the texture of the sounds the group used; it’s almost as if they’re tactile. You could reach out and squeeze the synths and percussion used and glowing ooze would gush out. Maybe that’s a gross visual, and I apologize.

Even so, the sounds and melodies the group uses are truly unique and defining. You’ll find much of that vein on Max Heart. New single “Purplepink” showcases that with squelching synths, a rippin’ guitar solo and lovely shared vocal duties from Angelica Bess (also of Body Language!) and Kalmia Traver. I always gotta get some kinda comparison in here and the one that comes to mind first is Little Dragon – but they’re definitely doing more out of the box things melodically and sonically. Still nice and groovy though.

Max Heart is out via NNA Tapes on March 26. Pre-order via Bandcamp HERE.

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