Listen: Brijean – “Ocean” [2021]

Oakland’s Brijean (aka Brijean Murphy with Doug Stuart) put out a record that I saw a lot of people I trust talk about in 2019, Walkie Talkie. I definitely enjoyed the LP but it always slipped my mind when it came down to continued listening. However, it definitely put them on my map and made me generally excited to see whatever they had next.

Well, what’s next is really good and extremely up my alley. Their upcoming record, Feelings, is out February 26 via Ghostly International. In the past, Brijean has cut her teeth performing with acts like Poolside, Toro Y Moi and U.S. Girls, all groups that understand the groove. They’d need someone that also deeply understands the groove. It’s clear Brijean is fluent in the groove. You can hear shards and shades of the aforementioned groups in the Brijean’s sound, but cast through a unique light all their own. Think beachy lounge, downtempo disco, outdoor pool backstroke house… feel good music, plainly. One comparison that instantly comes to mind is my favorite city night walk music, Mr Twin Sister’s 2014 album. Getting feelings of that mood here, only it takes place at the same beach resort I picture The Avalanches’ Since I Left You at. My musical cinematic universe is broad in scope. Everything I write is canon and incredibly, desperately nerdy.

Either way, I’m just posting album highlight and new single “Ocean” to talk about this upcoming record. It’ll help you exhale, settle into a comfortable chair, outfit, bath, whatever and let some negative feelings slide for a moment.

Feelings is out February 26 via Ghostly International. Pre-order it via Bandcamp HERE.

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