Listen: Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley – “This Here Jungle Of Moderness/Composition 14” [2021]

Newly announced today, Richmond’s Matthew E. White has teamed up with prolific artist Lonnie Holley for a new collaborative album, Broken Mirror, A Selfie Reflection, coming April 9 via Spacebomb & Jagjaguwar.

Holley made one of my favorite songs of the last decade with “I Woke Up In A Fucked Up America”, and White has been partially responsible for bringing tons of great musicians from the Virginia area and beyond through his Spacebomb studios and label, bringing a real funky, homegrown sound to everything he touches. It’s not a pairing I’d think of immediately, but one that makes me VERY excited to hear down the line. This first taste, “This Here Jungle…” is a high-energy, freeform funk jam with a killer bass thump and Holley commanding as a wise presence as he always does. It’s wonderful. Lots of great stuff in the hopper from the south coming up this year. I’m excited to share and continue commending the US region.

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