Listen: Sloping – “Trail” [2021]

Friend of the blog JJ Posway is about to release his first album as Sloping, Completed Songs, on February 26 via sound as language. You may be familiar with Posway’s work from ATL band Scooterbabe – if not, get familiar! I’ve heard a few songs off of this new record already with “Raft” and “Fitting Room”, but the most recent single “Trail” is really where I’m really feeling it. It’s just shy of two minutes, but Posway crafts a underhandedly smoldering rock cut on par with the slowcore + dream folk savants of the late 90s, complete with a great build from steady acoustic guitar to destructive electric guitar swaths to paint the backgrounds. There’s even some lovely banjo plinks near the end. Giving me big, glorious ennui-embracing vibes. Perfect! Can’t wait to dig into the whole album next Friday!

Completed Songs is out via sound as language on February 26 – pre-order HERE.

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