Listen: Floatie – “Catch a Good Worm” [2021]

Have you ever thought “where oh where has all the good rock gone?” And when you say “good rock”, you specifically mean the darkness-flecked, math rock-shrapneled, post-hardcore-in-recovery rock that was booming in the mid 10s and mid 00s? Dang, you’re very specific, but I think I have what you’re looking for. This new song “Catch A Good Worm” from Chicago quartet Floatie is off their debut record from Exploding In Sound and if I’m not being cliche, I think this sound works perfectly for the label and instantly brings me back to college when I was listening to all of EIS’ records on repeat.

There’s a heavy emphasis on the agile repetitive rhythm of hard, dissonant guitars on this track. Compared to a lot of modern “post punk” with huge, hulking chunky guitars and screaming lyrics, Floatie opts to work on an agility build, steadily darting between enemy attacks and lunging at the perfect moments. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this LP!

Floatie’s debut LP Voyage Out is out March 26th via Exploding In Sound – pre-order HERE.

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