Listen: JIMMY EDGAR – “Be With You (feat. Millie Go Lightly)” [2021]

This past December I was at my parents’ house helping my dad with a yard project. At a certain point we had to stretch out a large drainage pipe and the popping plastic sounds from pulling the tube longer inspired me to think “wow, that would sound really cool in a song, I bet no one has thought of this before.” But like anything in life, someone has likely thought of it before.

JIMMY EDGAR employs the stretchy, plastic-like tube sounds on the opener of his upcoming album CHEETAH BEND, out February 26 via Innovative Leisure. This track is full of delightful, vibrant and bouncy accents to provide a futuristic and playful space for vocalist Millie Go Lightly to cadence around in. It’s a wonderland plastic toy factory that can make anything your mind can dream up. The entire album similarly engages in fantastical and mechanical sounds, recalling mental images of real objects making these uncanny sounds, but with the song still existing in a purely dance, R&B, pop or hip hop experience. These genre lines are blurred of course, but the sentiment still stands. EDGAR is on another level with sound design and I do not recommend you miss CHEETAH BEND (not to mention with features from darling SOPHIE, Danny Brown, Hudson Mohawke, Rochelle Jordan and more), or his 2019 collab with Machinedrum as J-E-T-S either. Some truly mind bending sounds there.

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