Listen: Satomimagae – “Numa” [2021]

Love a good desolate tune! Japanese musician Satomimagae is releasing her fourth album and first for blog fav RVNG Intl. and Kikgaku Moyo-founded Guruguru Brain on April 23rd. I’ve had a chance to sit with it for a while and I heartily recommend it to anyone who’s a big Grouper head, especially those that favor her more guitar-focused work. Satomi crafts vast spaces of sound to plant stories and memories in, while musically the structures and textures pull from spacy blues, pastoral folk and bedroom noise. 

But back to my mention of a “desolate tune” to start this little post. I mean it in the way that there’s a lot of smoky space to breathe. The song is a stretch of land ravaged by a forest fire weeks earlier, steam and smoke rising into a greyscale sky. A beach in the winter drenched in solitude. During the last year embracing the ennui has been a hot and cold sale for me, but right now it’s really hitting the spot. The whole album is super varied though, so even if this song isn’t doing it for you, there are enough bright spots to check out regardless.

Satomimagae’s album Hanazono is out April 23rd via RVNG Intl. & Guruguru Brain. Pre-order HERE.

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