Playlist: Submerged Reflection – A Synthetic Portrait


The second playlist I’ve cooked up from a bountiful harvest of heady tunes, Submerged Reflection is a synth-led dive into a mirrored reality nestled behind a grove of anemone, with woozy bass, bending electronics, dripping funk, deep moods and rippling textures. I’d say it moves in phases, with moments of ecstatic motion, reveling in sunlight and freedom, then dipping back down into the muck of the ocean floor, with buried treasures glinting faint beams of sunlight that filter down from the surface. Lots of drum machine, fat bass, chiming synths and passionate melodies, featuring artists like Men I Trust, Mr Twin Sister, Solange, and other obscure groove cuts.

I always like to picture music existing in its own or parallel universes and playlists allow me to build whole new worlds, much like albums do. Thank The Avalanches’ Since I Left You for this quirk of mine. I’d like to think the playlists I make exist in the same universe, so here’s a prompt: picture the shady lagoon next to the town where Sand Dollar Jukebox takes place, a local free diver takes the plunge into its warm waters, uncovering a trove of cosmic secrets nestled underneath their hometown. It’s fun! Thanks to the artists who make this great music.

Full tracklist + Spotify stream link after the jump.

Listen to Submerged Reflection on Spotify HERE

  1. Museum of Bellas Artes – “Days Ahead”
  2. Rebbie Jackson – “Centipede”
  3. Psymon Spine – “Modmed”
  4. Mr Twin Sister – “Power Of Two”
  5. The Rah Band – “Sam the Samba Man”
  6. The Samps – “Slime Pit”
  7. Maryn E. Coote – “I Don’t Have To Cry”
  8. Salami Rose Joe Louis – “Cosmic Dawn / Eighth Dimension”
  9. Aldous RH – “Since 1992”
  10. Men I Trust – “I Hope To Be Around”
  11. Little Dragon – “Another Lover”
  12. The System – “Find It In Your Eyes”
  13. Hildegard – “Jour 2”
  14. Solange – “Stay Flo”
  15. Thanya Iyer – “Bring Back That Which Is Kind To You”
  16. Kate NV – “Marafon 15”
  17. Kalbells – “Big Lake”
  18. Sandii – “Zoot Kook”
  19. Discovery Zone – “Come True”
  20. Ava Luna – “Childish”
  21. Doohickey Cubicle – “Forever”
  22. Lemonade – “Neptune”
  23. Nick Hakim – “Vincent Tyler”
  24. KeiyaA – “Rectifiya”
  25. 4AM – “Passion”
  26. Om Alec Khaoli – “Say You Love Me”
  27. Blue Iverson – “Hush Money”
  28. Infinite Bisous – “Funky Stuff”
  29. Nicolas Godin – “Back To Your Heart (feat. Kate NV)”
  30. Blue Gas – “Shadows From Nowhere”

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