Playlist: Sand Dollar Jukebox – Seafaring Funk


Howdy folks! It’s been a while since I posted a little playlist, but after a groundswell of inspiration thanks to the improving weather, I was stricken with the playlist-making fever. Hopefully many more to come, because this was originally around 80 songs long. After some discussion I decided to chop it down to a pure focus on more yacht rock, city pop and nostalgic, reminiscent sounds of the ocean and large-body-of-water equivalents. 

I had seaside anime cities in mind while making this, hence the inclusion of a few Japanese musicians. Just a warm, pleasant image to recall – living in a close-knit community by the water, riding your bike through parks to the bakery, wearing stylish sunglasses and enjoying the feel of wind escape through your shirt as you ride. Not to get too meta, but I wanted it to feel more like you’re remembering those feelings, rather than experiencing them firsthand. Sometimes the mind inflates nostalgia to greater proportions. It’s a pure fantasy. Like I said, many more fantasies (in playlist form) to come soon. Listen to the playlist via Spotify below.

Read more for the Spotify link + full tracklist:


  1. TOPS – “Direct Sunlight”
  2. Haruomi Hosono – “Shimendōka”
  3. BUMPER – “Red Brick”
  4. Bill LaBounty – “Trail To Your Heart (Sailing Without A Sail)”
  5. Anri – “Remember Summer Days”
  6. New Musik – “The Safe Side”
  7. Triste Janero – “Today It’s You”
  8. Saint Etienne – “Spring”
  9. Domenique Dumont – “Le début de la fin”
  10. Benny Sings – “Familiar”
  11. Mark Barrott – “Brunch With Suki”
  12. Shintaro Sakamoto – “My Memories Fade”
  13. Taken By Trees – “Only You”
  14. Shigeru Suzuki – “Coral Reef”
  15. Steely Dan – “Time Out Of Mind”
  16. Pages – “If I Saw You Again”
  17. John Carroll Kirby – “Arroyo Seco”
  18. Steve Hiett – “Are These My Memories?”
  19. Rick Cuevas – “The Birds”
  20. Arthur Russell – “Come To Life”
  21. “Blue” Gene Tyranny – “Next Time Might Be Your Time”
  22. Hiroshi Sato & Wendy Matthews – “Blue And Moody Music (Wendy’s Version)”
  23. Innovations – “Seabird”
  24. Ned Doheny – “Labor Of Love”
  25. Taeko Onuki – “Jaques-Henri-Lartigue”
  26. Vanessa De Mata – “Não Me Deixe Só”
  27. Sade – “Kiss Of Life”
  28. Nora Guthrie – “Home Before Dark”
  29. The Sweet Enoughs – “In Mind”
  30. Leon Lowman – “Morning Song”

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