Listen: AIM LOW – “Hypertensive Crisis” [2021]

Friends of the blog and resident Canadian noise nerds AIM LOW just dropped a new EP Broken Sundial, with each part recorded separately during quarantine. A classic feat of this modern age. When I previously shared music from the band, they were slinging oppressive, all-consuming slabs of discordant guitar noise and more. This time around they’re approaching “song” territory (holy moly), with reference to classic slowcore like Bedhead or Codeine, even including a Guided By Voices cover. 

The song I’ve chosen to feature here is the opener, “Hypertensive Crisis”, is a slow-burn ride into the mouth of a volcano, with the song slowly amping up in chaotic guitars and ominous noise while a spoken word piece is read in the background, including a stanza by e.e. cummings. It’s not the most seasonal music of right now, but as a wise scholar once said, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days” – those mistakes can sometimes lead you to ego-pulverizing slowcore, laying down with the lights off in the dark, with only the din from your headphones to comfort you. And that’s ok. AIM LOW are here now.

Grab Broken Sundial via AIM LOW’s Bandcamp – HERE 

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