Listen: George Arturo Calendar – “Pesadillas” [2021]

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been crafting up a suite of dreamy, smeared out playlists made for fantasizing about dizzying nights out while staying in every day. Lots of these playlists are made from disparate tunes from random nooks and crannies of the internet, old and new. Sometimes I find some private press groove thing that I can’t take my ears off of. This new George Arturo Calendar record, Paradox, out now via Stereochip Records, reminds me of those homespun, lo-fi synth testimonials I’d discover through heavy internet digging. The majority of lyrics are in Spanish, the synths are woozy, the bass is buoyant and flexible, and the whole thing warbles and bends like it’s being broadcast through a lost VHS tape found in a dusty, abandoned discotek.

If you dig the hazy pop of the moment or of the obscured past, don’t let Chicago’s George Arturo Calendar’s Paradox slip through your fingers.

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