Listen: Sasha & The Valentines – “Flower” [2021]

Been sharing a lot of dream pop here and look – I’m not stopping. Recently seen some friends (specifically a few TX-based ones – you know who you are!) posting about Austin band Sasha & The Valentines and their debut album So You Think You’ve Found Love?, which I can confirm as a non-Texan, is very good. The incredibly basic, borderline criminally simple thing I can say is “the lead singer sounds like Victoria Legrand from Beach House”, so I’m gonna go further than that. The band employs some of the shimmering, dreamy textures that Beach House do, but push their sound into other directions like surf and 80s pop as well. On one song it’s catchy, on another it’ll be blissfully bendable. I was entertained and enjoyed the whole thing. Another fairly basic comparison would be Caroline Rose and her use of cheesy synths alongside real revved up guitars and spirited vocals.

There are good shreds of many different pop acts present here in Sasha & The Valentines, alongside their own obvious and unique charms, all comprising as one of the more promising indie pop debuts of the year. Here’s my hopes for this record + band – it either gets picked up for review late in major publications, it sneaks on a bunch of honorable mentions lists with big blogs (or a dark horse for a mid-list 2021 mention) and then the band kicks ass on a sophomore album in the future. Who knows. Honestly I’m surprised a certain TX-based blog hasn’t posted about them yet? Hopefully soon! I sense some great things in the future and I can’t wait til touring resumes so I can see them in NYC.

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