Listen: Damiana – “Sunken Lupine” [2021]

The good people at Hausu Mountain tipped me onto one of their cool upcoming projects (coming in a month! Mark your calendars!) from Damiana, a long-running project from Natalie Chami of TALsounds and Whitney Johnson of Matchess. A true Chicago superduo! I say long-running, but this is their debut LP, previously only working together in live sets or in home jams.

Their years of working together definitely shine through on this upcoming EP, with layers upon layers of synth, voice, electronics and other instruments and effects washing over one another in beautiful tandem. It’s not just a weightless curtain of ambience, there’s a steady beat, some spiritual chord changes, and a sense of dreamy movement throughout the project. It’s like if you took a Cocteau Twins song, specifically something off of Victorialand, froze it, took an microscope to it and stitched together some of its most atomic components, you’ll find this song. Not sure if it made sense, but to me it’s some high praise.

Damiana’s Vines comes out 7/16 via Hausu Mountain. Pre-order it HERE.

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