Listen: Spooky Tavi – “Rewind” [2021]

It’s pretty fitting I’m featuring a song that talks about going back in time, because hoo-wee this Spooky Tavi record I’m sharing here, Hyperdrive, out now via Doom Trip, transports me to the VERY specific period of time of late 2011 to mid 2012. For some reason I was listening to a lot of hazy synth jams during that time. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you which artists I was listening to at the time that sounded like this… but damn. From reviewing random records for my radio station to listening to assorted things popping up on Gorilla Vs Bear, I Think I’m Floating and other music blogs, it’s definitely in there. Gems of mp3s, unsourced, last posted about in the early aughts, floating in my holy library.

Anyways, the track here “Rewind” is a sweet and mellow slice of nostalgia-invoking synth pop, blossoming with foggy synth and held together by gently driving guitar and bass. It’s purely infectious and if you’re like me and love a great dream pop banger, you’ll keep coming back to this track + record. Don’t miss it!

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