Listen: Innovations – “Seabird” [1977]

Walked into a club last night to see Lightning Bug and this was the song that was playing for me. What a gift. I discovered this song purely via Spotify’s “Suggested Additions” while making my playlist Rose Garden 2AM all the way back in 2019, which I honestly find hard to believe. Also disclaimer – I’m gonna hand my discovery to other crate diggers more skilled than I including it in their own collections and the tech giant noticing. I’m not going to give Spotify any credit. Thanks crate diggers. I should note that the song didn’t make the cut in Rose Garden (which has 75 songs – I’m a dumbass) but it IS in my playlist Sand Dollar Jukebox, which I highly recommend.

Anyways, this is a cover of an Alessi Brothers song from the year prior, 1976. Not much is known about Innovations, except they were a Peruvian band that released at least one seven inch, the one pictured in the YouTube video above. The original song is a good song – the melody and hook are insane, but Innovations give it an extra summer edge with a bit of added instrumentation, a bit more natural bounce, and a cinematic, warbly early synthesizer backing. An ultimate yacht rock classic that was partially buried in the sands of time. What a beautiful thing. I just checked out the b-side to this single and it’s also fantastic.

But back to hearing this song in a club. I’m gonna go out on a limb (just based on the amount of views on the various YT uploads, as well as the high-but-not-outrageous streams) and say that most people didn’t know the song. Nevertheless, I saw multiple couples and groups of people already singing along to the chorus on the second time around, people were dancing, whipping out their phones to figure out what the song was. It has an otherworldly, magical feeling. Before this song starts to show up in every schmuck’s DJ set (which isn’t a bad thing), make sure you give it a spin or 30 on your own, especially as the summer starts to simmer down. But remember – yacht rock never dies.

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