Listen: Kill Alters – “Dissect Me” [2022]


NYC trio Kill Alters (comprised of Bonnie Baxter, Nicos Kennedy and Hisham Bharoocha, all of whom have dipped their fingers in pools of Black Dice, Machine Girl, Prolaps, Boredoms, Lightning Bolt, etc) have a new album Armed to the Teeth L.M.O.M.M. on the way and boy let me tell you – it’s a lot. It’s coming via trusted freaks Hausu Mountain on February 11th, so you know it’s gonna be something special.

The first taste of the carnage to come is “Dissect Me”, the first NEW track I’m posting on the blog for 2022. That’s how you know it’s something special. It’s a journey through propulsive electronics and percussion (with some hand percussion in there too??), constantly hurtling down a cavernous pipeline of sludge and grime while Baxter acts as a kind of tour guide. It’s definitely a result of multiple caustic sonic materials coalescing together in the swamp below the city, previously resembling knowable genres and styles but now morphed into something alien and so, so good.

Armed To The Teeth L.M.O.M.M. is out February 11 via Hausu Mountain – pre-order HERE.

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