Listen: Anna Von Hausswolff – “Pomperipossa (Live at Montreaux)” [2022]

Anna Von Hausswolff had been at the periphery of my taste barrier for some time before she rocked my world with her instrumental organ album All Thoughts Fly back in 2020. She’s followed that up with this hulking live album that goes back to her bread and butter works: blackened, orchestral and high-flying rock music.

The song that I’ve pulled here comes from her 2015 album The Miraculous, and is probably the most straightforward track on the record, meaning that it’s short and to the point. It shows off the thundering ensemble Von Hausswolff has assembled for this amazing concert (live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival nonetheless – would love to go sometime!), as well as Von Hausswolff’s amazing range, as she flies up and down octaves as a massive din surrounds her. A true gargantuan epic.

From this track, you need to plunge further into the full album’s darkness. There you’ll find longer-form pieces that will bring you down into the muck and really show off AVH’s generational talents. Seriously. 2022 hasn’t had that much music out in it yet. Take the time you have and put it towards this album.

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