Listen: The Sea and Cake – “On a Letter” [2008]


I’ve been going through a major The Sea and Cake phase the last two weeks, thanks in part to a great Helado Negro tweet asking for suggestions of which song of theirs to cover. The endless wellspring of 00s indie Ryley Walker suggested Car Alarm‘s “A Fuller Moon”, which was my introduction to this album and more importantly, the track that follows, “On a Letter”.

Believe it or not, despite the sheer volume of music I listen to, there are very few songs where I say to myself “wow I want to learn how to play that instrument and then play that song”. This song makes me want to learn how to play guitar. Very subtle stuff, but a lovely, super pleasing string of chords and melodies have helped get this track stuck in my head on and off this whole weekend. This song and so many others make up the great album Car Alarm, which has then lead me to listening to other pieces of their fantastic discography. I gotta shout out the label Hausu Mountain for pointing me towards “Inn Keeping” off their 2011 album The Moonlight Butterfly. I had listened to their 2018 album when it came out but can’t wait to listen more.

These little moments of discovery are one of my favorite things about being a music fan. There are just so many bands out there with wide-spanning discographies that you may have dipped into briefly but had never submerged yourself in. All it takes is a little stimulus for you to take the plunge.

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