Listen: Boy Harsher – “Give Me A Reason” via The Runner (Original Soundtrack) [2022]


Boy Harsher made a movie! The unmistakable dark synth duo Boy Harsher continue to build up cred as the coolest band in the biz by releasing a horror movie, The Runner, which is now streaming on Shudder (which also features Kris Esfandiari of King Woman as the lead)! They of course also made the soundtrack, which features some slick new tunes similar to those we all know and love them for, but also deepens their catalog with rare moments of purely instrumental introspection, major chord progressions and guest vocal features. Chromatics could never.

The song I’m featuring from the soundtrack here though, “Give Me A Reason”, fall in line with the dark, throbbing club music that got me to fall in love with the band in the first place and is the perfect entry point to paw your way through the humid maw of their discography. Dark pop to die for. Their music has always had a cinematic feel to it, almost like the pulsing bass and smoky vocals innately paint a picture of a grisly 80s slasher flick in your brain. A lot of feeling on the run. A lot of feeling like you don’t know anyone else in the room. A lot of feeling reckless. It’s contagious, infectious music, so it makes sense it’s now in film form.

Buy The Runner (Original Soundtrack) via Boy Harsher’s Bandcamp HERE + check out The Runner on Shudder HERE.

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