Listen: Lighght – “Rib” [2022]


Phew! We got some hotness on our hands. Irish producer Lighght has a new club and techno-focused LP, Seodra, coming March 4 via Doom Trip Records. I was previously familiar with Lighght’s 2021 album Holy Endings, which is much different than what we’re hearing here. 2021’s album was slower, and comprised of spine-tingling field recordings and auditory hallucinations. I’m trying to not just say “it was an ambient album”. This time around? Hoo-wee: it’s got volume, it’s got tempo, it’s got snap.

Three tracks are available to listen to right now, so I’m focusing on the first one, “Rib”. To get a comparison out of the way (and I’m so bad when it comes to instrumental electronic music), but I don’t think a Lone comp would be out of the question. The track hurtles forward with great pace, fueled by its percussion and glittering synth pads. It’s got grand, overarching melodic sweeps that cascade in the background to give the song depth. It’s an epic slide through a geometric wonderland, not getting lost in hard, brainy techno hell but letting the listener dream a bit about what’s coming next.

Lighght’s Seodra comes out March 4 via Doom Trip Records. Pre-order the LP via Bandcamp HERE.

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