Listen: Halosar – “Pretzel Summit” [2022]


Coming at you with all kinds of video game music this week, from yesterday’s Cool Maritime track to today’s Halosar teaser. If you were a fan of some of the sonic directions that Oneohtrix Point Never was taking on Age Of, with its bending strings and cascading digital harpsichords, you’ll enjoy this new track from duo Halosar “Pretzel Summit”. The song is the most recent single off their upcoming debut album New Forge, out TOMORROW (March 18th) via sound as language.

Halosar is comprised of childhood friends James Jano and Cullen Miller, who first traveled the world doing their own artful pursuits, but recently came together to make this upcoming LP New Forge. What resulted is a beautiful, multi-faceted sonic journey of uncanny textures and brilliant imagery, painting a kind of post-internet world, as cheesy as it sounds.

I wanted to talk about the record before it dropped, and this single “Pretzel Summit” was a great opportunity. Like previously mentioned, it contains sonic similarities to certain moments of Age Of, as well as the much-referenced Evergrace soundtrack that many people pointed to in 2017 (speaking of which, “Sunbeams Streaming Through Leaves On The Hill” is so chaotic, I can’t picture this as an overworld theme). In this case, we have a graceful melange of digitized gongs, chimes, strings and other resonant metals to lead us through a potentially futuristic world that this LP illustrates.

Halosar’s New Forge is out March 18 via sound is language. Listen more + pre-order HERE.

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