Listen: Lali Puna – “Come On Home” [2001]


My partner likes to make fun of me because I often romanticize the late 90s / early 00s in terms of a culture standpoint. Obviously every era has its problems, and I realize that this little slice is by and far one of the lesser romantic ones that I could highlight, but some things about it has always stuck with me, mostly being that of early blog culture and embracing of computer electronics. One major touchpoint would be Radiohead’s pivot on Kid A. Another would be Dntel’s wonderful Life Is Full Of Possibilities. You could say Broadcast and Colleen fit in as well. This early incorporation of glitchy electronics, listless melancholy and homespun fidelity into indie rock and pop has such a sincere feel in my mind. I just checked out another album to add to the canon, that of Lali Puna’s Scary World Theory, which should have been listened to much sooner due to their close association with Dntel.

The song I’m featuring here “Come On Home” is the song most like all the artists mentioned above, with a warbling tape loop of misremembered piano and choppy mechanized drum beat coexisting with a clean, plucked acoustic guitar rhythm. Quick glitchy electronics hiss in the background, escaping from pockets in the instrumental. Flat vocals narrate an uncanny, dreamlike scenario. The whole track is 100% my thing, and I’d love to find more like it. I still need to dive into other Lali Puna albums (aside from their two most recent) so I’m excited to see where my journey takes me. If you’re reading this and know some more early 00s “indietronica” or “melancholy glitch” records to recommend me, I’m all ears.

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