Listen: Destroyer – “June” [2022]


There are many albums coming out this Friday (March 25th, 2022) and I haven’t posted any singles talking about how excited I am for them. I’m changing that today. I’ve got some tracks coming up today and tomorrow that will mark the moment in time these four LPs came out. Will they be good? Only time will tell. We’ll start with Destroyer, and their most recent single “June”, which features a video made for the intersection of Vancouver and burrito fans.

Not much to say about this track except for man, I want to hear Dan Bejar in some kind of futuristic, sci-fi space epic prog record. Is this the 2020’s version of “Bay of Pigs”? Is that a basic observation? Either way, this song rocks, and I can’t wait for LABYRINTHITIS.

Destroyer’s LABYRINTHITIS is out March 25 via Merge. Listen + buy via Bandcamp HERE.

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