Listen: JOYFULTALK – “Take It To The Grave” [2022]


Craving some hypnotic, rumbling jazz in your life? Look no further than a new track from Nova Scotia’s JOYFULTALK, aka Jay Crocker and his motley crew of players. Their new record Familiar Science is out May 6 via all-star label Constellation Records, but you should preview this first track now so you can get wholly amped up for the trance-like grooves that await you.

The track here “Take It To The Grave” is buoyed by a formless bass pattern while a soloing guitar spins a story alongside its accompanying percussion and airy synth. The accompaniment control the dynamics of the track, as the thudding rhythms and crash of the cymbal usher in heightened stakes. It’s a track that I was hypnotized by upon my first listen, and I’ve gone back multiple times to write this. Big fan.

I’ve been able to poke around a little bit in this upcoming JOYFULTALK album, Familiar Science, and let me tell you I’m excited to dive back in and take a closer look. It fits in line with the recent rising trend of pushing sonic boundaries further, while still utilizing familiar tropes in jazz and funk to establish heady grooves and thunderous trances. There’s plenty of havoc on record, whether it be in the form of crushed cacophony or hectic instrumental solos, but it’s nicely balanced out, or perhaps bolstered by periods of calmer introspection.

Shout out folks at International Anthem, Stones Throw, Brainfeeder to a certain extent, Leaving, and probably so many more I’m forgetting, that are helping push this blessed sound into the underground stream. And now Constellation too, of course. And JOYFULTALK. It’s great, thank you.

JOYFULTALK’s Familiar Science is out May 6 via Constellation. Listen & pre-order HERE.

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