Listen: Mo Dotti – “Loser Smile” [2022]


Should I make Shoegaze Tuesday a thing? Nah, I’m too disorganized for that. Either way, I’ve got some white-hot dream pop for you noise addicts out there via Los Angeles band Mo Dotti and their new EP Guided Imagery, out now via Smoking Room Records. The opening track will give you all you need, but strap in to experience the rest.

“Loser Smile” is quintessential jangle meets wanton noise meets sugar-sweet melody, a winning sonic  combination for at least three decades now. Mo Dotti hits all the right notes, making a soundscape that is both dreamy and propulsive, getting the listener to either nod along to the infectious beat, or get wrapped up in the flying guitar lines. The rest of the EP has some various other sonic delights as well, dipping into a great 6ths cover of “All Dressed Up In Dreams”, and engaging in some non-traditional song structures. Good ideas, great execution. They’re currently working on their first full-length LP, so keep your eyes on this group going forward!

Mo Dotti’s Guided Imagery EP is out NOW via Smoking Room – listen & buy via Bandcamp HERE.

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