Listen: Kisses – “Bermuda” [2010]


Realized I had never given this track its own standalone post – not once in the entire 12-year history of this blog. “Bermuda” is a track worth posting about, I think. A highlight of my early blog-posting days, but arriving a bit on the late side on the entirety of the era, Kisses’ were a pretty buzzy band that dropped their debut LP, The Heart of the Nightlife, in late 2010. I had “Bermuda” on my “Best Tracks of 2010” list allllll the way back then. It’s stuck around in my rotation of favorite 2010s tracks ever since.

I also want to shout out other incarnations of Kisses, with Jesse Kivel still putting out good music, and his involvement with supergroup Mt. Si needs to put out more music soon. For now, “Bermuda” brings me back to free mp3 download blogs, loading up my ipod and driving around my hometown. Can’t not love that. Deeper than that, it’s some blissful, idyllic late-00s 80s replica. Can’t not love that.

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