Listen: Monoton – “JSCA” [1982]


Keeping this one quick, although I’ll try and go into more of a deep dive soon. Monotonprodukt 07 is a record I came across in my 1980s digging process and bizarrely haven’t really seen much anywhere else about it. Granted it’s a weirdo, minimal synth record from the early 1980s, but I’d think this thing would be more recognized than it is now. Maybe it is and I’m lost.

Either way – wanted to shout out this track “JSCA”, since it scratches that elusive itch of psychedelic drone that early Sun Araw does. There are other cuts on the record that get me going in a similar way, like “Circle”, “Root 1 = 1”, “Vibration” and “Fire”. It’s like if Suicide was stretched wayyyyy out and plunged into a pitch-black room, and the listener had to paw their way around to guess the shape and structure of the sounds they’re hearing. I love minimal, psychedelic stuff like this so please give me some more recommendations if you’re reading this.

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