Listen: Blunt Chunks – “Natural Actors” [2022]

This track has been stuck in my head for a week now, so I thought: might as well share with the dear readers of Warm Visions: The Blog: The Musical: The Remix. “Natural Actors” is the lead track from the upcoming debut EP from Blunt Chunks, the project helmed by Toronto musician Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien. Woelfle-O’Brien also plays in Toronto band Jaunt, and the EP features players from other Canadian indie staples like Broken Social Scene, The Weather Station and more. But enough about the credentials, let’s get into the TUNE.

“Natural Actors” features a slow progression, built up by rich piano chords, morose percussion and country-flecked vocal cadences. I seriously love the melodies and harmonies that the song strings along in the verses, and the chorus is a syrupy punch of eating “cotton candy for breakfast and red wine for dinner”, capping off lyrics about feeling stuck in bad habits that make you feel good. If we’re making comparisons, Faye Webster is the first name that came to mind, with its dashes of country and ambiance into an indie pop song. Also that piano timbre is just excellent. The washes of synthesizer at the end to accompany a piano-led instrumental breakdown is likewise fantastic. Be on the lookout for this EP, y’all!

Blunt Chunks’ self-titled EP is out May 6 via Telephone Explosion – pre-order & listen more HERE.

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