Listen: Horsegirl – “Sea Life Sandwich Boy” [2021]

Got tipped onto this new band outta Chicago called Horsegirl who only have a handful of tracks out in the world to their name, but they’re sounding mighty promising. The teen trio’s sound pulls from the era-defining coming-of-age records from years/decades past with great deftness and poise, with noisy, meteoric guitars steadily ramping up throughout the track alongside calm and mantra-like vocals. The final breakdown on this track features some truly caustic guitar work and a propulsive drum beat to keep everything from spilling out all over the place. The band’s bio mentioning their influence from 90s UK indie underground is well-founded. I’m getting big “band that grew up by a body of water” vibe too – bodies of water are big deals to me.

The song is being released in 7-inch form with newer track “Ballroom Dance Scene” on April 2nd via Sonic Cathedral, but you can listen to both tracks digitally now. Hopefully this puts you at the watchtower for anything else the group puts out in the future – they’re shaping up to have some heat coming!

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