Listen: Dawn Richard – “Mornin | Streetlights” [2021]

I somehow have not posted about any Dawn Richard singles from her upcoming album Second Line, coming April 30 via Merge Records, but trust and believe I’ve been listening and LOVING. Her newest, “Mornin | Streetlights” shows off her talent for stringing a narrative between two unique sonic moments in one song. This could be broken up into two songs, but Richard chose to contain it in one movement. Two sides of the same coin.

The song starts off casually with laid back, minimal production with subtle electric guitar and clattering percussion. The song eventually filters in more synthetic production, complete with keys, digital handclaps and a steady bass thump. Dawn’s signature tenor vocals steadily write a dialog throughout, with the first half centering around the hopeful feelings of a new morning and the second being a bit more turbulent, forcefully driving ahead with motivation despite adversity clouding the skies above. Each song from the album we’ve heard thus far has occupied a different space sonically, further enhancing that Dawn will never be locked down to one thing and will continue to excel at whatever she dips her brain into.

Second Line is out April 30 via Merge Records. Pre-order HERE.

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